Leaf Collection

The City of Bristol provides curbside leaf collection during Spring and Fall of each year. The Fall season typically runs mid-October through at least November, and the Spring collection is typically the month of April (weather-permitting, subject to change). 

*The 2023 Fall Leaf Bag Collection will run from Monday, October 16, 2023 through Friday, December 1, 2023*

During these two times, please bring your leaf bags curbside as soon as they are filled and leave them curbside until collected. Leaf bag collection is available to all city residences eligible for curbside rubbish and recycling services.

Leaves are only collected in brown, recyclable, paper leaf bags that are available at most home and garden stores. There is no maximum limit to leaf bag collection at a residence. Leaf bags containing dirt, sand, rocks, sod, or materials other than leaves will not be collected. Leaf bags must be placed curbside and not within the residence’s property for proper collection. Loose leaf piles will not be collected.

Water Management

Residents are encouraged to clear leaves and other debris from the tops of catch basins abutting their property during the fall leaf collection period to help prevent localized flooding conditions during the fall and winter months. 

Transfer Station

Leaves, grass, and twigs can always be taken by residents to the City of Bristol Solid Waste Transfer Station. At the Transfer Station, leaves, grass, and twigs in bags (other than paper yard waste bags) must be emptied out. A Transfer Station Permit is required to access the Transfer Station.