Bulk Pick-Up

Bulk Pickup for Residential Customers

Please schedule your bulk pickup before you place any items at the curb. Based on the volume of demand, our appointments are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks out. Please do not put material at curbside more than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup. This may be subject to a citation/fine per city ordinance.

Residents who qualify for curbside rubbish and recycle collection from the City of Bristol can request a bulk pickup for large items that do not fit in a rubbish barrel. The first pickup each calendar year per residential building is free. Additional collections can be scheduled for $25.00 each. Once you submit your payment, please call our office with the confirmation number to schedule your pick-up. If you are unsure if you need to pay, please give us a call.

Your bulk pile cannot exceed a maximum of 5 cubic yards - a pile approximately 3-by-3-by-15-feet. If you have more than the allotted amount, please inquire about making a payment for an XL pickup. Bulk collections are completed between the hours of 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please have your items to the curb by 6 a.m. on your scheduled day. To cancel or reschedule your bulk pick-up, please call our office with one business day’s notice. In bad weather conditions we typically still collect bulk stops, but we will contact you if we need to reschedule. Be sure to clear off any snow that may have accumulated on your bulk items.

ALL BULK APPOINTMENTS FOR 2023 HAVE BEEN FILLED. We are now scheduling into 2024. 

Property owners receive a free bulk pickup for 2024. Please do not make payment unless you are a tenant, you're paying for an XL pickup, or you've already had a bulk pickup in 2024. If you are unsure if you need to pay, please call us. 

Report illegal bulk

Request a bulk pickup online

(If you schedule online and do not receive your appointment date via email within one business day, please call our office)


Under Miscellaneous Public Works Payments - Payment Categories, select "Bulk Collections." All online payments are subject to a convenience fee, typically 2.95% of the transaction fee. 



Only owners/landlords/property managers can schedule a free bulk collection for a residential building. This is to ensure that the owner is aware that the one allowable free collection is being used. Renters/tenants that wish to schedule a bulk pick-up (without going through the landlord or property manager) can do so by paying the $25 fee.

We do not pick up bulk from most condos, or buildings that have more than five-unit residences. If we pick up your rubbish and recycling, you are eligible for a bulk pick-up. If you live in a building with six units or more, or a condo, you may be interested in purchasing a residential Transfer Station Permit.


  • Items not eligible for bulk pickup include chemicals, auto parts, porcelain fixtures (toilets, sinks), construction or demolition debris such as sheet rock, shingles, ceramic tiles, yard debris, mirrors, or glass (such as sliding doors). 
  • For the safety of our children, please remove refrigerator doors before placing the appliance at the curb.
  • Metal items must be placed separate from burnable items, since we use different trucks to take them away.
  • Please do not place items in cardboard boxes (any small items that you would put in a cardboard box should be placed in your rubbish container). Cardboard must be placed in your recycle barrel.
  • We can only take carpeting if it is cut in 4-foot strips, rolled, and tied.
  • We will pick up appliances, furniture, wood (4 feet long and no nails, tied and bundled), metal cut and bundled in 4-foot lengths, up to two tires without rims, lawnmowers, and snow blowers (please drain gas and oil).

Large Quantities

If you have a lot of material or may need to dispose of large items a number of times a year, you may wish to get a Transfer Station permit. This will allow you to dispose of a variety of items throughout the year, at your own convenience.

If you have furniture or other items that are in good condition, we encourage you to you donate them.