Youth & Community Services


51 High Street

51 High Street

Bristol, CT 06010


Our Mission

Bristol Youth Services is a community-based social service bureau caring for the well-being of the city’s youth through advocacy, resource development and coordination of comprehensive service delivery systems to strengthen the healthy functioning of youth and their families and provide opportunities for youth to act as responsible members of the community.

Service overview

Bristol Youth Services Bureau holds a commitment to meet the needs of youth and their families by ameliorating conditions leading to teenage pregnancy, suicide, violence, substance abuse, cultural intolerance, anti-social or self-destructive behavior, and the neglect or abuse of children.  The Bureau strives to enhance the networking and support between family, school, peer and community environments, thereby diverting the youth from involvement with the justice system or becoming victims of violence or abuse.  Center-based programs and outreach activities to schools and neighborhoods assist youth in the development of their desires, skills, talents, and goals.  Emphasis is placed on cultivating young people’s sense of responsibility, self-worth and community service and promoting children as valued contributing members of the community. 


The department holds a commitment to protecting young people from becoming victims of inequity and ameliorating conditions leading to teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, peer violence, cultural intolerance, anti-social or self-destructive behavior, suicidality, and neglect or abuse. Services offer opportunities to resolve situations influencing youth's behaviors thereby diverting juveniles from involvement with the justice system.

Youth Service Categories

Two primary service areas, the Administrative Core Unit and the Direct Service Unit, characterize the Youth Service Bureau.

  Administrative services

  • Advocacy
  • Research and Community Needs Assessment
  • Resource and Program Development
  • Community Education and Involvement

  Direct Services

  • Information and Referral
  • Positive Youth Development Groups and Youth Employment Training
  • Adventure-based and Experiential Education
  • Cultural Enrichment / Recreational Programs
  • Family Service Needs Assessment, Case management, Advocacy and Service Coordination
  • Outreach Support Services
  • Individual and Family Counseling  

YOUTH Services Affiliation

The Bristol Youth Service Bureau is a member of the Connecticut Youth Services Association (CYSA) which is charged with advocating for youth and centrally coordinating the comprehensive delivery of services for youth and their families. 

community SERVICES 

Responsibilities & services

The Bristol Community Services division develops and maintains a coordinated system of social services for the residents of Bristol. Our staff provides advocacy, information and referral, guidance, short-term case management, and support services to adults, elderly, and disabled residents in need.

The division accepts referrals from a variety of agencies and other sources. The City of Bristol Community Services Division serves as a crucial link between the serving agencies and the resident in need. The staff also assists clients in completing applications for state financial assistance and medical needs, SNAP (food stamps), as well as Social Security benefits, and employs certified CHOICES counselors for Medicare.

Fair Housing

The City of Bristol Community Services division can: 

  • Provide Bristol residents information regarding their rights and responsibilities under the Connecticut Landlord / Tenant Law
  • Provide information to Bristol residents regarding all types of housing programs and housing agencies
  • Receive and process housing complaints, including those of alleged discrimination

relocation for displaced persons

The City of Bristol Community Services division, working in conjunction with the City of Bristol Corporation Counsel and the Health Department, shall determine the needs of displaced tenants for relocation assistance due to condemnation of property. Relocation ill be carried out in accordance with the Connecticut Uniform Relocation Assistant Act. 

Services include: 

  • Arranging for temporary emergency housing and storage of personal property
  • Assisting tenants in completing relocation application
  • Meeting with tenants to determine eligibility 
  • Paying our allowable relocation funds to eligible tenants 
  • Placing a lien on all real property in the community, which is owned by the landlord of the persons were displaced for costs resulting from the relocation expenses 


Community Services oversees evictions for the City of Bristol. the marshal notifies the Community Services division with the scheduled eviction. The city provides storage of the evictee's processions. The evictee is then notified by Community Services of the cost of moving and storage and the time frame available to recover processions. Community Services works with the evictee to assist in reclaiming their items, as well as finding alternate shelter and/or food sources for each individual or family at the time of eviction. 

If the individual or family does not reclaim their property , an auction is conducted by Community Services and all monies go into the city general fund. 

Parent and child program

The City of Bristol Parks, Recreation, Youth & Community Services Department started overseeing the Parent & Child Program/Center in August 2020. Originally managed by Bristol Health, the Parent and Child Program (PCP) is now located in the Youth and Community Services building, located at 51 High St. in Bristol. 

The Parent and Child program strives to support every family that comes through their doors by providing information, programs, and services that assist parents in raising healthy and happy children. Programs range from learning about pregnancy and being a parent, to teaching your children literacy skills, to classes on healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle.

Caring closet

The Caring Closet helps meet the immediate basic needs of families by supplying diapers, wipes, baby wash, formula and clothing for children. Income eligible families can receive these basic need items free of charge. Services are intended for clients that are experiencing difficulty meeting their daily needs. The program operates on a first-come, first served basis. All items are supplied through community donations and may not always be in stock.