Community Relations Division


The Community Relations Division strives to maintain a positive relationship between the citizens in our community and its police officers. The department offers and sponsors various programs that help foster these relationships.


The Bristol Police  Department  is committed to enhancing our service to the community. When partnerships are developed, this can assist in crime prevention. When working together, it helps solve community problems that are related to crime issues. 

When police and citizens work together, fear of crime is reduced, physical disorder is averted and it prevents the decay of our neighborhoods. Public safety and crime issues can be complex social problems. By building partnerships, safety can be increased in our neighborhoods.


During the summer of 2018, police departments from alip1 Opens in new windowround the country were challenging one another to lip sync battles. Bristol PD was no exception. With numerous viral videos posted to Facebook and Twitter, the competition became fierce. 

After a month of planning, filming, directing, and editing, the department produced a video with the help of a local videographer. After the video debut, we received numerous compliments. 

By the end of the summer, everyone agreed the promotion was great for public relations across the country.