Personal Property

Grand List Components: 

If you have questions, please contact:

Assessment Principal Clerk Margaret Rodziewicz at 860-584-6241 or or

Deputy Assessor John DiGiovanna at 860-584-6244 or

  • Personal Property - Link to file declaration below

Online filing Instructions:  Register your business using the access code included in your filing invitation correspondence. Follow the set-up instructions. Oncyou have registered, you macontinue filing your declarationWhen you have completeyour on-line submission, yowill receive a confirmation e-mail. Be sure to print a copy of your filing for your records. Please note, if your copy displays you have not submitted the declaration to the town”, you must go back to Final Submit and follow the instructions to complete your filing. If you prefer to print a blank declaration form or you are a Manufacturer filing for the “M65” exemption, these forms are available online. Simply enter your Access Code from the invitation letter in the lower left corner of the website and click “print blank declaration”.  

The deadline to file this information is Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Note: Any reports filed after this date are subject to a 25% penalty pursuant to CGS 12-41(e).



Sec. 3. Section 12-42 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective July 1, 2019): (a) Any person required by law to file an annual declaration of personal property may request a filing extension with the assessor of the municipality. Such request shall be made on or before the first day of November in writing, including by electronic filing if the municipality is able to and agrees to accept electronic filing under subsection (d) of section 12-41. When the first day of November is a Saturday or Sunday, the declaration or extension request may be filed or postmarked the next business day following. The [assessors] Assessor may grant an extension of not more than forty-five days to file the declaration required pursuant to section 12-41 upon determination that there is good cause.


The Assessor no longer has the authority to grant an extension requested after November 1st, 2023