About the City of Bristol


Welcome to the official website for the City of Bristol, Connecticut. We are one of the largest cities in the state, with open country landscapes as well as friendly neighborhoods lined with sidewalks.


Bristol is situated in Central Connecticut, 20 miles southwest of Hartford with easy access to all major highways. It is a wonderfully diverse and family friendly community that offers a wide range of historical, entertainment, and dining opportunities.


Our quality of life benefits from the 700 acres of beautiful parks, a high rated education system including two high schools with upgraded buildings and surrounding athletic fields, and an aggressive promotion of economic development that attracts reputable industry which in turn increases our grand list. The Bristol community is active in the arts, a wide range of sporting activities, and preserving our city’s rich history of architecture, revolutionary clock making, and general manufacturing.

Discover the abundance of things to do, information about Bristol's communities, its culture, and its people by visiting the Bristol All Heart website at BRISTOL ALL HEART

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