What does Youth Services do?
The department delivers programs and services to strengthen the healthy functioning of families, empower youth to develop their skills, and promote youth as valued and contributing members of the community.

Youth Services centrally coordinates the comprehensive delivery of services and advocates for youth and their families. The department strives to enhance the networking and support between family, school, peer, and community environments.

Direct Services

  • Information and Referral

  • Family Service Needs Assessment

  • Individual and Family Counseling

  • Outreach Support Services

  • Advocacy, Service Coordination, and Case Management

  • Positive Youth Development Groups

  • Educational Support Groups

  • Youth Employment Training

  • Cultural Enrichment Programs

  • Adventure-based and Experiential Education

Administrative Services

  • Community Needs Assessment

  • Community Education and Involvement

  • Resource and Program Development

  • Advocacy

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1. What does Youth Services do?
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8. What is the Youth Commission?