Topic: Mayor’s Task Force on HIV/AIDS/Hep C 
Time: 0830    

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I. I. Moment of Silence
II. II. Introductions
III. III., Review of previous minutes; April 2023
IV.  IV. Old Business 
     A. Supply Relocation
     B. Task Force Update
         1. BBHD - Duplication of services
         2. Change to commission
a. Requires member of City Council to attend 
b. Stricter regarding process 

3. Remain as Task Force
    a. Duplication of services
    b. Collaborate with others to prevent duplication
    c. Considered chronic medical condition   

4. Disband
    a. Members become part of another Task Force or Commission
       1. Opiate Task Force

5. Any change goes through City Council 

V. New Business 
    A. Best Coalition
        1. Merger not approved by Coalition
        2. Geared for under 18 
        3. HIV, AIDS, Hep C numbers are down across the state for those under 18
    B. Funding discussion
        1. Present funds - $1500.00
           a. Robert’s Foundation
           b. Finance in August
           c. Council in September
           d. Spend or return? 
     C. Celebration of Laura’s Tenure
     D. World’s AIDS Day
          1. Friday, December 1, 2023 

Next Meeting October 26, 2023
Zoom or in person