The Regular Meeting of the Board of Library Directors

May 1, 2023

Bristol Public Library

5 High St., Bristol, CT 06010

Meeting Room 1

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1. Call to Order

2. Audience Participation

3. Approval of Minutes 

    a. April 3, 2023 Regular Meeting (Attachment A)


          Attachment A

4. Communications   

5. Committee Reports

    a. Finance Committee

          (1) Vote on use of Manross Trust Fund money to pay for various fiscal year 2024 expenses

     b. Property Committee      

     c. Policy Committee

          (1) Vote on the revised Board of Library Directors of the Bristol Public Library System Bylaws.

     d. Strategic Planning Committee 

6. Ad-Hoc Committee Reports

   a. Library Director’s Report (Attachment B)


         Attachment B

   b. City Council Liaison Report

   c. Friends of the Library

   d. Community Outreach Committee Report

   e. Nominating Committee Report 

7. Old Business 

8. New Business

   a. Opening the Manross Branch at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

9. Adjournment