Additional Rubbish Barrels


Please email or call the office at 860-584-6125 if you are interested in purchasing an additional rubbish barrel. We will add you to the Rubbish Barrel Waiting List. Please provide your name, phone number, and street address in the email. We will contact you when rubbish barrels are back in stock. Please do not make payment until our office contacts you. 

The City of Bristol provides each residential property (1-5 unit buildings) with one rubbish barrel and one recycle barrel per unit. For example, two-family homes have two rubbish barrels, five-unit homes have five rubbish barrels. Any additional rubbish barrels are $155.00 per barrel for the calendar year. Unfortunately, this fee is not pro-rated for late payments, so to get the most of the service, pay as soon as you can. The collection period is January 1st (or date of payment) through December 31st. Your additional rubbish barrel will be emptied weekly, on your regular rubbish day.

Additional Rubbish Barrel Application


Additional Rubbish Barrel Renewals/New Customers: Beginning January 1st, a current-year sticker must be applied to your additional rubbish barrel for continued service. For your convenience you may renew your additional rubbish barrel here. The application must be filled out whether you are mailing a check in or paying online. 

Payments: You have the option within the application form to pay online. If paying online, please click "paying online" in the application form - this will direct you to the bank site. Once your payment is made, please go back into the form and submit it. Your service will be activated once BOTH your application and payment are received. If paying by mail, please mail your check (payable to The City of Bristol) to the Public Works Department 111 North Main Street Bristol, CT 06010. An online application must accompany all payments. You may also pay for your service in person (111 North Main Street, Public Works Department, Ground Floor). If paying by mail or online, we will mail your sticker. If paying in office, you will receive the sticker immediately. 

If you are not interested in renewing your additional rubbish barrel, please call our office at 860-584-6125 so we can retrieve your additional rubbish barrel.

The Bristol Public Works Department would like to remind you that the most efficient way to reduce your household rubbish is by recycling more. To request an additional recycle barrel for FREE, send us an email at Check out our recycle guide and How Do I Dispose Of… features on our website to learn about acceptable recyclable materials.

Lastly, you may download the Recycle Coach app on your smart device to sign up for eReminders and to be notified of service schedule changes.