Police Explorer Program

Police Explorers Post 111Bristol Police Explorer Post 111 is chartered through the Boy Scouts of America and the North East Law Enforcement Educational Association (NERLEEA). 

The Bristol Police Department sponsors and supports the program. It is designed to provide young men and women a unique learning experience in policing through instruction, demonstration, and hands on training. Explorers also participate in Bristol community service events throughout the year. 

The program is an excellent starting point for young adults interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

• Be between the ages of 14-20
• Be a resident of Bristol or a bordering town providing that town does not have an explorer post
• Have a desire to serve the community and learn about law enforcement
• Must submit a formal application, pass a background check, and have no felony arrests or gang affiliation
• Must abide by the Bristol Police Explorers Post 111 policies & procedures
• Must commit to attending post meetings & events

Explorers participate in law enforcement training to help better understand the career field. This training involves lectures, demonstrations, and training scenarios where Explorers can practice what they have learned. Explorers also participate in a summer camp program and competitions that are organized through the NERLEEA. Some of the training topics include:
• Domestic violence
• Traffic stops
• Crime prevention
• Arrest, search, and seizure
• Criminal law
• Building searches
• Community Service

If you have any questions about the program, send an email to one of the officers listed below:

Officer Jace Deluca: jacedeluca@bristolct.gov
Officer Kevin Monahan: kevinmonahan@bristolct.gov
LT Richard Guerrera: richardguerrera@bristolct.gov

To submit an explorer application, click the link below.
Explorer Application

If your organization would like the police explorers to participate in a community event, fill out and submit the form below. It will be evaluated by a post adviser to determine if the event is appropriate for the post. You will be promptly notified.

Police Explorers for Community Events