Additional Services & Information

Fair Housing

The director of City of Bristol Community Services is also the fair housing officer for the City of Bristol. The Community Services Department can:

  • Provide Bristol residents information regarding their rights and responsibilities under the CConnecticut Landlord / Tenant Law
  • Provide information to Bristol residents regarding all types of housing programs and housing agencies
  • Receive and process housing complaints, including those of alleged discrimination

 Relocation for Displaced Persons

The City of Bristol Community Services Department, working in conjunction with City of Bristol Corporation Counsel and the Health Department, shall determine the needs of displaced tenants for relocation assistance due to condemnation of property. Relocation will be carried out in accordance with the Connecticut Uniform Relocation Assistant Act. Services include:

  • Arranging for temporary emergency housing and storage of personal property
  • Assisting tenants in completing a relocation application
  • Meeting with tenants to determine eligibility
  • Paying our allowable relocation funds to eligible tenants
  • Placing a lien on all real property in the community, which is owned by the landlord of the persons who are displaced for costs resulting from the relocation expenses


The City of Bristol Community Services Department oversees evictions for the City of Bristol. The marshal notifies our office with the scheduled eviction. The city provides storage of evictee's possessions. The evictee is then notified by our office of the cost of moving and storage and the time frame they have to recover their possessions. Our department works with the evictee to try to help them reclaim their items. Our office also attempts to find alternate shelter and/or food to assist each individual or family at the time of eviction.

If the individual or family does not reclaim their property, an auction is conducted by the Community Services and all monies to go into the city general fund.