Department History

Back in 1877 a town meeting was held and it was decided to employ nChief Howard G. Armsight watchmen, two men in the south village and one in the north village due to the increase in burglaries. Other groups employed during this period also included the Mutual Protective Association and The Society for the Prevention of Horse Thieving, which was a very serious crime. Sixteen years would pass before the town would vote to establish a formal police department.

Here is a time line tour from 1893 to the present:

1. Chief Howard G. Arms
2. Chief Ernest T. Beldon
3. Chief Edmund S. Crowley
4. Chief Thomas V. McCarthy
5. Chief Robert J. Grace
6. Chief William J. Mead Jr.
7. Chief John F. Oliver
8. Chief Anthony Vastola
9. Chief William R. Kohnke
10. Chief John DiVenere
11. Chief Eric Osanitsch
12. Chief Thomas Grimaldi