Annual Income & Expense Report

Annual Income and Expense Report 

The Assessor’s Office is preparing for the 2027 revaluation of all property located in Bristol. In order to assess your real property fairly, information regarding property income and expenses are required. Connecticut General Statues 12-63c requires all owners of rental property to file this report, annually prior to revaluation. The information you file and furnish with this report will remain confidential in accordance with 12-63c(b), which provides that actual rental and operating expenses shall not be a public record and is not subject to the provisions of 1-210 (Freedom of Information Act).

Click this link to download the report: 2023 Income and expense report and instructions.

E Mail completed signed forms to: or

Mail to:

Bristol Assessor’s Office
111 North Main Street
Bristol, CT 06010

Filing Instructions

An “Income and Expense Report Summary Page” and the appropriate Income Schedule must be completed for each rental property. Income Schedule “A” Apartment Rent Schedule must be filed for Apartment rental properties, and Schedule “B” Lessee Rent Schedule must be filed for all other rental properties including, but not limited to, Office Buildings, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Mixed Use Properties, Industrial, and Warehouses.

Who Should File

All individuals and businesses receiving a request letter should complete and return this report to the Assessor’s Office. All properties that are rented or leased, including commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties, except “such property used for residential purposes, containing not more than five dwelling units and in which the owner resides” must complete this report. If a non-residential property is partially rented and partially owner-occupied this report must be filed. If you have any questions, please call the Assessor’s Office.

OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES. If your property is 100% owner-occupied, please indicate 100% on line 4 of page one of the report and complete verification page 3 of the report. Reported expense items on page one are encouraged in association with owner occupancy. Income and expense relating to your business should not be reported.

If you believe that you are not required to file this report, please contact the Assessor, Thomas DeNoto or call (860) 584-6245.

All property owners must sign and return this report to the Assessor’s Office on or before June 1st of each calendar year to avoid a ten-percent (10%) assessment penalty

How to File

Each summary page should reflect information for a single property for the year preceding the June 1st filing deadline date. If you own more than one property, a separate report must be filed for each property in this jurisdiction. An income and expense report summary page and the appropriate income schedule must be filed for all other rental properties. A computer printout is acceptable for Schedules A and B, as long as all the required information is provided.

Schedule B - Lessee Rent Schedule

General Directions and Explanation of Terms

Property Location: Enter property’s street address.

Name of Tenant: Enter tenant’s name (Schedule B only).

Location of Leased Space: Enter unit, suite or floor and room number, as applicable.

Use of Leased Space: Use of Leased Space: Indicate type of use (i.e. office, retail, warehouse, restaurant, garage, etc.)

Lease Term: Enter lease starting and ending dates and square footage leased.

Annual Rent: Base Rent – Enter annual amount of rent set forth in lease.

ESC/CAM/Overage:Escalation (ESC) - Enter annual increment amount (amount in dollars of adjustment to base rent, whether pre-set or tied to the Inflation Index).

Common Area Maintenance (CAM): Enter income received annually for common area maintenance (e.g., snow removal, parking lot maintenance), or other annual common area charges to tenants.

Overage: Enter any additional fees or rental incomes. Generally, these are based on percentage of sales or income.

Total Rent: Enter the total of base rent plus ESC/CAM/Overage.

Rent Per Sq. Ft.: Total of Base Rent plus ESC/CAM/Overage divided by Leased Sq.Ft.

Tenant Paid Expenses/Utilities: Enter property expenses and utilities for which the tenant is responsible. Abbreviations may be used (e.g., “RE” for real estate taxes and “E” for electricity) if they are explained.

If you have any questions please contact: 

Emmanuel Lorenzo at 860-584-6238 or

John DiGiovanna at 860-584-6244 or or

Thomas DeNoto at 860-584-6245 or