Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG)

Regulations of Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) permitting, installation and inspection of approved automatic grease recovery units (AGRU) for Food Preparation Establishments are handled by the Bristol Water and Sewer Department (BWSD). The BWSD works with the Building Department and the Bristol Burlington Health District (BBHD) in order to ensure compliance by new or existing Food Preparation Establishments (FPE).

Procedures are as follows:

Food Preparation Establishment (FPE) submits FOG application and registration form to the Bristol Sewer Division. Form can be emailed or dropped off to 119 Riverside Avenue, Bristol, Connecticut.

Review of the Application and Registration form is handled by the Sewer Division and FPE classification is reviewed by the Bristol Burlington Health District (BBHD).  A determination will be made if a FOG Discharge Permit (FDP) is required.

If determined an FDP is required, the following protocols will be set into action.

  1. BWSD will review the plans and specifications provided by the FPE. Proper City Agency permitting will be determined if an Automatic Grease Recovery Unit (AGRU) or Outdoor Grease Trap is to be installed based upon the FPE’s   application and architectural drawings.  The FPE will be instructed to ascertain a permit through the City of Bristol Building Department to install an AGRU.  If an Outside Grease Trap is specified by the FPE, the BWSD will review   the location and architectural drawings as well as provide inspection of completed installation.
  2. The City of Bristol’s Building Department will issue a permit with associated fees to begin work to install an AGRU.
  3. The City of Bristol’s Sewer Division will issue a permit with associated fees to begin work to install an Outside Grease Trap.
  4. The City of Bristol Building Department will inspect all applicable plumbing connections and AGRU installation inside the facility.
  5. The BWSD will inspect all applicable outside plumbing connections and installation of an Outside Grease Trap.
  6. The Sewer Division of the BWSD will conduct a final inspection of the completed installation of an indoor AGRU or Outside Grease Trap.
  7. If acceptable, a Fog Discharge Permit (FDP) of a five year term will be issued. The FDP is non-transferable and needs to be renewed within thirty days prior to expiration.
  8. The Bristol Burlington Heath District (BBHD) will be notified when an FDP is issued. The FPE name, owner, and address will be included in this notification.