Sewer Backup Prevention

View the Backup Prevention Brochure (PDF).

Don't Flush It!

We are having pump problems in one section of Bristol and have found the problem to be caused by wet wipes! When you flush a wet wipe that does not immediately dissolve, it gets into the system and hits one of our pumps about 15 minutes after you flush. These pumps are expensive to repair (not to mention that we want the sewage to keep moving to the plant). 

Please do your part - don't flush wet wipes (or anything else) unless they specifically say "Flushable" on them. If you want to test it - let the wipe sit in water for 10-15 minutes and see if it disintegrates. If it doesn't, it's probably going to wreak havoc on our pumps and cost us all some tax-payer money. 

Great article on this topic in the October issue of Public Works magazine.

See Consumer Reports testing results of "flushable" wipes.