Water and sewer Department Structure

The Bristol Water and Sewer Department is managed by Superintendent Robert Longo.

The department consists of two divisions Water and Sewer which are broken down to 6 Sections - Administrative, Construction, Sewer Collection, Metering, Sewer Treatment and Water Treatment. The Department has 60 full time employees dedicated to providing water and sewer service to the City’s 60,000 residents - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Managed by the Assistant Superintendent of Construction. His responsibilities include supervision of the Construction crew. The Bristol Water and Sewer Department Construction Crew is responsible for maintenance of over 300 miles of water main, 19,000 water service connections and 1500 public hydrants. We install, repair and replace water mains, and install service laterals throughout the service area.

Meter Shop

Managed by the Assistant Superintendent - Meter Shop. His responsibility is the Meter Shop where he is in charge of installing meters and valves in both new installations and repairs, instituting the State of Connecticut's Backflow Prevention Program, and providing the Office with meter readings for its 19,000 customers which are billed quarterly.


Managed by the Office Manager and along with her staff produce quarterly water bills for their customers. They also bill for City of Bristol Water Pollution Control customers their quarterly sewer bills.

Water Treatment Plant & Watershed 

Managed by the Assistant Superintendent of Water Services. He is in charge of a manned 24-hour-a-day facility that provides the City with potable drinking water and fire protection. He is also responsible for the department's five wells which produce over two million gallons per day of potable drinking water.

The Watershed area consists of approximately 5,000 acres, seven reservoirs and three well fields. The Watershed Crew along with an outside forester maintain, patrol and protect our watershed property.

Water Pollution Control Facility

Managed by the Director of Sewer.  Our Sewer division's main job is to protect the environment by treating our wastewater to remove any possible pollution, before releasing it back to the stream.  Our Director of Sewer ensures that the discharge of treated wastewater from the treatment plant to the stream is in compliance with State and Federal Agencies.

Sewer Collection

Managed by the Assistant Chief Operator of Maintenance and Collection System, he manages the arrival of wastewater to the treatment plant and the various processes to remove pollutants.  The Collection system consists of over 245 miles of sewer lines, 5,660 manholes and 16 pumping stations.

Sewer Treatment

Managed by the Assistant Chief Operator and Laboratory Supervisor, he is in charge of the treatment of an average of 10.75 million gallons of wastewater daily.   From various tanks called clarifiers and aeration tanks, through the final disinfection stage, he is in charge of the collection and analyzing of samples to ensure that the state and federal compliance is adhered to.

Our Guarantee to You

The Bristol Water and Sewer Department promises to provide its customers with quality drinking water and fire protection.

Performance Levels

The Bristol Water and Sewer Department provides its customers with an annual Consumer Confidence Report. This report provides you with information regarding water that was supplied to you during the year.