Depending on the election, the Registrars hire between 120 and 180 poll workers. Only 70% of the poll workers return each year, so new poll workers are always welcome.

The Basics

Working the polls is a wonderful service to the community and as a bonus you get paid! The pay ranges from $275 to $340 per day, depending on your experience and/or position. Working the polls requires working a long day, getting trained, and possibly dealing with voters who may be problematic.

That being said, working the polls is a rewarding experience as you help to facilitate democracy!

What You Need to Know

   • Poll Workers will be working a minimum of 15 consecutive hours at an Election or Primary. Poll workers are expected to bring their own lunch and dinner, and will be given appropriate meal and rest breaks.

   • Poll workers are required to attend a training session which lasts approximately two hours before each Election or Primary as required by state statute.

   • Moderators (the Chief Polling Place Official) must also take a 5 to 6 hour class every four years which is given in the evening by a Moderator Trainer.

In most cases, you will be asked to start at one of the more basic positions (Official Checker or Ballot Clerk). As you grow in experience you may be asked to take a position with more responsibility, such as Assistant Registrar or Moderator.

Please note: For the 2024 Presidential Election, there will be additional opportunities to work processing and counting absentee and early voting ballots. If you can work the days before and after Election Day, please indicate that when you contact our office.

 If you are interested in becoming a poll worker for the 2024 Presidential Preference Primary on 4/2, State Primary on 8/13 or Presidential Election on 11/5, please complete the online application.