Bristol Arts and Innovation Magnet School (BAIMS)

(also known as Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Arts Magnet School)

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Michael Dietter, Ed.D. - Chairperson
Cheryl Assis
Lori Eschner
John Lodovico
Stephan Masotti
Jacqueline Olsen
John Smith
Frank Stawski
Christopher Wilson


Specs and Drawings Phase 1 February 27, 2020
Phase 1 CD/Phase 2 DD estimate

Magnet School Planning Update February 28, 2019

Concept Designs March 14, 2019

Conceptual Design Update March 28, 2019

memorial boulevard

Bristol Arts and Innovation Magnet School (BAIMS) Update 

(also know as Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Arts Magnet School) 

The Memorial Boulevard School, recognized by the Connecticut Register of Historic Places, was constructed as Bristol High School in 1922. The school, a dominant feature at the gateway to downtown Bristol, has served the community of Bristol for several generations and in many configurations. Upon redistricting and the opening of two new pre-K-8 schools in the 2012-13 school year, Memorial Boulevard School was turned back to the city and remained dormant save for the occasional municipal training or community interest associated with theater revitalization.  

During the ensuing timeframe, interest in revitalization of the theater was bolstered by the formation of the MBS Task Force, a group of Bristol citizens exploring the possibility of renovating the theater as a cultural hub for downtown Bristol. As a result of work by this committee, the City of Bristol appropriated funding for the renovation of the theater. The funding addressed the theater revitalization and provided for one aspect of community enrichment, it also became the catalyst for interest and momentum regarding a theme based educational program which dramatically broadened the scope of potential benefactors to include students and families enrolled in Bristol Public Schools. The Bristol Board of Education Office of Superintendent, drawing on multiple data points including: current and projected enrollment figures, District 10 Year Capital Plan and the Drummey Roseanne Architects Feasibility Study, prepared Educational Specifications for the Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Arts Magnet School (MBIAMS). The Educational Specifications provided the framework for a comprehensive grade 6 through 12 Intradistrict Magnet program to be located at the renovated Memorial Boulevard School.  

In April of 2018, the first meeting of the Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Magnet School Building Committee was called to order for the purpose of selecting a Chairperson, approval of preliminary Education Specifications and approving the Request for Qualifications for selecting the architect. The MBIAMS Building Committee is comprised of representatives of the Bristol Board of Education, Bristol Public Schools, and interested community stakeholders. The immediate focus of the MBIAMS Building Committee is on the renovation of the Memorial Boulevard School and Theatre resulting in a building that:

  • Provides a learning environment designed for instructional performance and creative design
  • Complies with current building and fire codes
  • Incorporates enhanced student safety
  • Promotes accessibility to all by meeting the requirements of the ADA

The interdisciplinary cooperation involved to secure this investment in our community is a powerful lesson for our students and families and serves as an example of the possibilities that exist in a community that values public education. 

Keeping the Community Informed

We endeavor to keep the community informed of the progress regarding the MBIAMS project. Please follow the MBIAMS Building Committee efforts via or join us at the next Building Committee meeting. The MBIAMS Building Committee meets the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 6:30 pm in room 36 of the Board of Education.

Phase One Milestones to Date:

Educational Specifications unanimously approved by BOE and submitted to Office of School Construction Grants and Review (OSC&R)

November , 2017

MBIAMS Building Committee formed

April, 2018

Short list of architects approved

June, 2018

Education Specifications approved by OSCG&R

July, 2018

Quisenberry, Arcari and Malik selected as architects by MBIAMS Committee

OSCG&R approves funding reimbursement rate at 64%

August, 2018

City Council approves Quisenberry, Arcari and Malik as architects

September, 2018

MBIAMS Program Committee established

October, 2018

Short list of Construction Managers approved

November, 2018

D’Amato and Downes selected as Construction Managers

December, 2018

City Council approves D’Amato and Downes as Construction ManagersJanuary, 2019


I hope you find this information meaningful and take the opportunity to reflect upon and understand the tremendous value of the MBIAMS project to the Bristol community.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Dietter, Ed.D
MBIAMS Building Committee Chair